Our Coastal Lifesavers

Many a sailing or cruising short breaks in Wales visitor has been grateful for the presence of the lifeboat service.

There are 32 lifeboats around the Welsh coast, some more famous than others.

In the North, Llandudno Lifeboat is unique in that it is stationed inland and is able to launch at either north or west shore. The boat is usually on display to short breaks in Wales visitors on the Promenade every Sunday and Bank Holiday fro May to October. Continue reading Our Coastal Lifesavers

New Quay’s Claim to Fame

Image Courtesy of Aberaeron-wales.com

Its is surprising how many little villages claim to have been the inspiration for Dylan Thomas’s mythical village of Llareggub,
Laugharne, of course, as short breaks in Wales tourists know, is a strong contender since Thomas lived there for a few years and wrote many of his best poems and prose in his little writing shed on the cliff above his Boathouse cottage.

Perhaps less well-known, although short breaks in Wales visitors who have been there will have been reminded of the poet’s link by the Dylan Thomas Trail which maps out, purely for the benefit of tourists, the places he frequented, is a little coastal town on Cardigan Bay. Continue reading New Quay’s Claim to Fame

Early Aviators in Pembrokeshire

Pembrokeshire has an interesting aviation history in terms of pioneering flights. Pembrokeshire holidays tourists may have never heard of Bill Frost, but the people of Saundersfoot, and one local historian in particular, 91-year-old author Roscoe Howells, will tell you that he was the first man to fly his own aircraft eight years before Wilbur and Orville Wright made their historic flight at Kittyhawk in 1903.

Roscoe Howells is old enough to have a boyhood memory of Bill Frost, a skilled carpenter, telling his father that his home-made, propeller-powered wooden aeroplane actually left the ground and flew for several hundred yards before failing to clear a tree in a hedge at the bottom of the slope from which he launched it in 1895. Before he could repair the damage a storm came up during the night and lifted the aircraft off the tree and smashed it to pieces. Frost, apparently, got his inspiration while carrying a long plank across his shoulders when a gust of wind lifted him off his feet. Continue reading Early Aviators in Pembrokeshire

Popular Pembrokeshire Surfing Beaches

Image Courtesy of Surf-forecast.com

Pembrokeshire is not short of popular surfing beaches, and many Pembrokeshire holidays surfing enthusiasts come down all year round to enjoy the challenge of the rollers sweeping in from the Atlantic.

At all times of year the seafront carparks at Newgale and Whitesands in the north and at Freshwater West in the south are thronged with the camper vans and cars of
surfers, sometimes to the detriment of Pembrokeshire holidays visitors looking for a parking slot. Continue reading Popular Pembrokeshire Surfing Beaches

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